“Light is the casino, heavy is the crematorium”, this is a phrase often used by kidney enthusiasts to flirt with.

It is frightening to hear about kidney dialysis; but what is more frightening is that kidney function is irreversible and it is a luxury for people with severe kidney disease to live a normal life.

Kidney disease has always been a common disease, and anyone can be “haunted” by it. According to statistics, the prevalence of kidney disease in UA is 13.8% ~ 14.5%.

Want to get rid of kidney disease, kidney care, kidney care is the most important, but timely understanding of their kidney condition is a prerequisite.


The kidneys, equivalent to the body’s “water purifier”, remove useless metabolic waste from the body, regulate the body’s water and salt balance, and have a powerful compensatory function. When the kidneys have problems, the body will also make some hints.

Note: Back pain is not necessarily a bad kidney, but also needs to be combined with other symptoms to determine.

If you find that your face looks different, it means your kidneys may be in trouble!

1Abnormal kidney drainage and swollen eyes

Waking up from an early night’s sleep and seeing that your eyelids are puffy is mostly suggestive of bad kidneys.

On the one hand, bad kidney will make the drainage function of the kidney decrease, thus leading to sodium and water retention, then you will have puffy eyes and even puffy limbs of the body.

On the other hand, it may be related to the excessive excretion of protein, the plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreases, and water enters the interstitial space or body cavity of the body tissues, causing the symptoms of edema in our eyes or limbs.

Kidney-deficiency-and-fire-dark-faceKidney deficiency and fire, dark face

Excluding physiological causes such as melanin and age, Chinese medicine considers a dark face to be a sign of kidney deficiency and kidney loss. The appearance of kidney essence deficiency is due to the lack of kidney water, which causes the body’s fire energy to become strong.

Therefore, people with kidney deficiency look like their skin loses luster, dull and rough, and dark. Those who are more serious to kidney deficiency will also have dark circles under their eyes, middle-aged acne, and premature eye bags, which also indicate that kidney disease has entered an advanced stage.

Kidney-and-spleen-irritation-and-redness-of-the-noseKidney and  spleen irritation and redness of the nose

Love of spicy, stimulating and other greasy food often causes discomfort in the kidneys and spleen, and also symptoms of kidney deficiency. Unhealthy diet causes the kidneys to be unable to metabolize properly, and the metabolic waste in the body cannot be discharged in time, which will be reflected on the face.

If the nose is red for a long time, accompanied by acne and acne, it is a kidney deficiency and fire. Do not give up the bad habits of diet, the kidneys are naturally bad.

Chronic-nephritis-accompanied-by-bad-breathChronic nephritis, accompanied by bad breath

Organs and organs affect each other. When the stomach is bad, the kidneys will also have problems, which is due to poor digestion in the stomach, or stomach fire blazing, affecting the metabolism, only to greatly increase the chances of kidney disease.

Generally speaking, people suffering from chronic nephritis, the mouth is accompanied by an unpleasant odor, and at the same time, it also indicates that the kidneys are becoming more and more serious, and it is urgent to nurture the kidneys and regulate the stomach.

Difficult-to-excrete-urine-toxins-and-itchy-skinDifficult to excrete urine toxins and itchy skin

In Chinese medicine, liver and kidney yin deficiency leads to blood deficiency and skin dryness or blood heat with dampness, which leads to itchy skin. Once the urine toxins are difficult to excrete from the urine, they are transferred to the skin for excretion, irritating the skin and causing itching.

However, there may be other reasons for the itching of the skin, and if it does not heal for a long time, it is recommended to go to the dermatology department of the hospital for a detailed examination.

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