Dr. Seyed Amin Mirsadeghi has Lunched The Most Advanced Prostate and Kidney Stone Surgery Center in Iran 

The first modern and high-tech center for treatment of urological diseases, including kidney surgeries and kidney stones, bladder, prostate, penile prosthesis, and other related diseases, has been lunched in Iran by Dr. Mirsadeghi at Arman Hospital. This center is equipped with the latest Medical devices from the American company Boston Scientific.

This center was lunched through the efforts and collaboration of Dr. Mirsadeghi, a top surgeon associated with Boston Scientific in the Middle East, and the company’s management. Boston Scientific’s executives visited Iran to open and launch this center.

Boston Scientific is a major medical company, particularly in the field of urology, and it offers advanced equipment for prostate treatment with steam (Rezūm therapy) and laser lithotripsy. These devices have received certification from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is the highest certification for medical equipment and treatment methods worldwide.

Dr. Seyed Amin Mirsadeghi is one of the top-ranked urology board surgeons in Iran and a member of the Urology Associations of Asia, Europe, and America, as well as a distinguished member of the Iranian Elite Association. He is also the only Iranian who holds a medal from the International Biology Olympiad. He was the top medical student at Tehran University and entered the field of urology surgery at Iran’s leading urology center (Shahid Beheshti University and Labbafi-Nejad Hospital) with top honors. Additionally, he is one of the five Iranian doctors recognized as an elite surgeon.

Dr. Mirsadeghi’s extensive experience in performing advanced penile prosthesis surgeries for erectile dysfunction in Iran and the Middle East has positioned him as one of the top urologists in the region. Consequently, Dr. Christophe Llorens, a leading European surgeon and owner of the renowned Swiss medical equipment company ZSI, visited Iran during the COVID-19 pandemic in February 2021 to meet with Dr. Mirsadeghi and provided assistance in one of his penile prosthesis surgeries at Kasra Hospital in Tehran.

According to conducted surveys, Dr. Mirsadeghi is recognized as the best urology surgeon, and the top doctor for bladder, kidney, urinary tract and genital surgeries in Iran. Given the outdated equipment in Iran, this center, with its advanced devices, has brought about a unprecedented transformation in urological surgeries in Iran. The treatment services provided by this center include prostate enlargement treatment with steam using the Rezūm device and laser lithotripsy using Retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) device.

The Rezūm device, a high-tech medical equipment for prostate enlargement treatment, replaces old methods of trimming tissue from the inside of the prostate gland (TURP) and Pharmacotherapy with numerous advantages. These benefits include no side effects on the urinary and sexual systems, outpatient treatment, and quick recovery. Regarding laser lithotripsy (RIRS), this device is the most advanced kidney stone crusher, performing kidney stone surgeries without any incisions or stitches through the urinary tract.

The launch of Dr. Seyed Amin Mirsadeghi’s advanced Prostate and Kidney Stone Surgery Center at Arman Hospital marks an unprecedented milestone in the field of urology in Iran. Equipped with cutting-edge medical devices from Boston Scientific, this center provides innovative treatments, including Rezūm therapy for prostate enlargement and laser lithotripsy for kidney stones. Dr. Mirsadeghi’s commitment to excellence With lunching of this high-tech medical center in Iran ensures that Iranian patients can now receive advanced medical treatments on par with other developed countries such as the United States.