Addiction is the act of creating a need for action or thing. The word is often used for excessive and unhealthy use. The most notable use of the word can be attributed to substance abuse. The number of addicts has been steadily rising and the way our society deals with drugs, in general, has become an important factor behind this. Our society has become very lax and careless in its opinion about drugs as movies and tv are glorifying drugs. Through all this, some people are trying to free themselves from the scourge of addiction by going through a rehab program. However, these makeups only 10% of the addicts in the US. A reason behind this number is so low is that several myths and speculations are raised around rehab programs. One of the biggest is whether to go for an inpatient or outpatient rehab program. One of the best ways of deciding is to see the programs in action so visit for more information

The first hindrance in most people’s way is that they do not understand the meaning of these terms and what they are supposed to represent. This allows misinformation to spread where people are fed bogus information which can seriously skew a person’s choice or drive them away from rehab centers altogether. Some common misinformation includes that inpatient rehab centers keep addicts in cells and forcefully keep them away from drugs all the while they are writhing because of their need for drugs. While the idea that outpatient rehab is a scam and does not prove to be useful is also propagated. Both of these are very false as inpatient rehab centers always abide by basic humane laws and are not meant for incarceration. Similarly, the outpatient rehab programs are specially designed to work with their special condition in mind, while the program might not work for everyone it certainly has people that have benefitted greatly from it.

An inpatient rehab program is where the patient stays at the rehab center for the duration of their treatment. They are kept under observation by the center’s doctors and psyche department and their whole addiction history is studied and a proper rehab plan is drawn up specifically for them and this plan is then followed with continuous input from the doctors and the patient themselves. This personalized approach to rehab has proven to be much more successful than the cut and paste method of generalizing the treatment that was followed before. Here is where the inpatient rehab program gains a few benefits. In the outpatient, a similar plan is supposed to be followed but because the doctors and psychologists have to understand the history and the addiction and its severity from the patient or their loved ones the information can have a lot of bias, and in some cases, people might choose to hide some embarrassing information from the doctors. In such a case the doctor has to prescribe a plan based on what is their experience rather than the details of the patient.

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Outpatient rehab on the other hand is very convenient since you do not have to cut yourself off from your family and friends and you can partake in the program with the help and support of your whole family. This can help much more than the support offered by total strangers in an inpatient rehab program. Moreover, outpatient rehab can cost much less than an inpatient rehab program as there are no fees for accommodation.

When it comes to what kind of program should you choose the answer solely depends on your condition but if you can afford the time away and the cost an inpatient rehab program is the best option for an average addict.