There are varying recommendations regarding how frequently you should see a gynae in Singapore. The frequencies, in this case, vary depending on factors like your age and risk factors to some conditions like cancers of the ovary and cervix.

Ideally, if you have a teen daughter, it is recommended that they begin seeing registered and certified gynecologists like Dr.Tan Poh Kok (PK Tan) PK Women’s Specialist Clinic from as early as 13 to 16 years old. During these appointments with your gynae in Singapore, there are tests that may be ideal for you and a few that may not really be necessary.

For example, you may not need to begin the Pap smears for cervical cancer until you’re around 21 years. This may, however, change if you have a medical history of some conditions that or live a lifestyle that may put you at risk of getting sexual or reproductive health complications that can be detected through the Pap smears.

Do I Still Need to Continue Seeing a Gynecologist even after Menopause?

Even though it is well known that it is prudent to start getting the well-woman exams every year after age 21, it isn’t really clear when you should stop seeing your gynae in Singapore. Again the most practical answer to this question, if you find it bothering you, is your situation.

Typically, most menopausal women averaging 66 years or more do not need Pap smears every year. The decision to stop getting the routine Pap exams would be reached if your last three Pap test results were clear.

You do not really need to stop seeing your gynecologist after menopause. This is because; Pap smears aren’t the only reason for regular appointments with certified gynecologists.

Ideally, visiting your gynae in Singapore after menopause if you experience post-menopausal effects like urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, and vaginal dryness would be your best bet. As usual, the doctor will examine your symptoms and, if necessary, physically examine you to determine the real cause of your complications.

Be sure to discuss your concerns and needs with your gynae in Singapore. This would make it easy to personalize the recommendations that would ensure that you have good gynecological health. On the same note, you shouldn’t abruptly stop your pap smears when your gynecologist is unaware, even if you’re already 65 years plus.

There are plenty of factors that gynecologists consider when deciding when you should stop having Pap tests. Therefore, it is best if you just stick to your gynae in Singapore’s recommendations.

Do note that even if you stop the Pap smears, you will still need gynecological care, so really, there is no definite age you should stop seeing your gynae in Singapore. Your gynecologist’s annual exams will help you prevent and manage several health complications common in older women.

The takeaway here is that if you are a woman, you will need gynecological care at all stages of your life. When you’re past menopause, you should still see your gynae in Singapore every year. You may not need the Pap smear tests, but an annual pelvic exam may still be necessary to detect complications you may not be aware of having.

Do Virgins needs to take Pap Smear Test?

Now, you probably already know that Pap smear tests may be necessary for you at an earlier age if you are sexually active. Being sexually active increases your risks of sexually transmitted infections like the HPV that may be diagnosed during these exams.

HPV is associated with cervical cancer and some cancers of the vagina, vulva, and anus, among other organs. Therefore getting regular appointments with your gynae in Singapore for screening can help you manage these risks.

If you are a virgin, you may have minimal risks of getting cervical cancer and other types of cancer associated with HPV. Nonetheless, you may still consider seeing your gynae in Singapore for testing.

Pap smears work by collecting the cells from your cervical region. The testing, in this case, can help your gynecologist know for sure if you have any suspicious cells in your cervix which may develop into cervical cancer or increase your risks of cervical cancer.

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Usually, one of the most common factors that may warrant Pap smears for cervical cancer screening even at age 21, even if you are a virgin or not sexually active, is your family history. If you have a family history of cervical cancer, you may need to begin the screenings early, even when you are a virgin.

This may help detect the disease at the early stages when managing it is still not complicated. Again, if you are smoking, your gynae in Singapore may recommend Pap smears because of the risks linked with smoking and cervical cancer. Studies indicate that women who smoke have two times more risks of getting cervical cancer than those who do not smoke.

Will Pap smear hurt if you’re a Virgin?

It is important to note that a Pap smear test may hurt even when you’re not a virgin. Now, a Pap smear should not be painful, especially if you’re ‘physically healthy’ and only considering the exams as a preventive measure.

Being healthy in this case implies not having vaginal infections or soreness. Therefore, the bottom line here is that you may find the Pap smear test a bit uncomfortable if you are a virgin or not.

Some of the factors that may determine how uncomfortable you may feel during a Pap smear test include how anxious you are during the exam, how gentle your gynecologist or nurse is, and the involuntary tightening of your vaginal muscles. If you’re a virgin, you may find the Pap smear a bit uncomfortable because after inserting the speculum, the doctor will want to open it up.

You shouldn’t be scared, though, because this session will be speedy—and even if it hurts, you will most likely find the pain bearable. It would be best if you stay as calm as possible.

Final Word

You may qualify for stopping exams like Pap smears but you shouldn’t stop seeing your gynae in Singapore. Let us know if you have any concerns about your gynecological health and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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